Monday, 22 December 2008

Town Council budget

A dose of flu last week discouraged me from trumpeting the Town Council's budget, which I was instrumental in drawing up and was approved unanimously last Wednesday.

As a result of the efforts of those councillors involved in the Council's "Peer Review" it has been possible to rationalise its administration and associated costs. The addition of a disciplined approach to budgeting for next year (2009/10) has meant that the following has been achieved:

a) slightly reduced overall expenditure allowing the Council's element of Council Tax not only not to rise but fractionally fall;
b) a 62% increase in the amount spent on services to the public;
c) a 25% increase in the Council's reserves.

Given that in March this year I was elected on a "keep-the-town-council-slim-and-inexpensive" ticket I am delighted that we have got to this position, and congratulate Chairman Cllr Richard Rout and others who have made it all possible.

We don't yet know what is round the corner for all our local councils, but whatever the future for the Town Council it is ready to face it.


Picklesmum said...

We all had flu last week too. Hope you and Mrs F are well for Christmas.

Paul F said...

Thanks PM.

Happy Christmas & New Year to all.