Saturday, 19 July 2008

I dare you not to cheat!

The Borough Council proposes to change priority the the junction of Westgate Street with Crown Street. This is partly to discourage vehicles from crossing the middle of town via Southgate Street instead of using Cullum Road and Parkway.

If I do not express a view, dare I ask what readers think in my new poll?


Bury Boy said...

IMO this application should only proceed if the 20mph limited was extended to Southgate Street. Or at least extended to include Southgate street, westgate street, Mwater lane, which should have been included in the orginal historic core from the start.

No 20mph No Approval.

Paul F said...

I wish!

Bury Boy said...

Well you are the elected official, Is it not part of the remit to make this a condition of support.

After all in a democracy we should be run by people elected by the people, not facless officials who do not live in the Historic core making decisions which have little effect on them personally.

Maybe a country councillor might have more influence!!! come to that why dont the 3 of you work togeather on this one.

picklesmum said...

Bury Boy - ha ha ha, you crack me up!

Paul F said...

BB - If the Bury St Edmunds Area Working party (Borough councillors only including me and Richard Rout) do not confirm this change in priority, that will get us no nearer a 20 mph limit - which I continue to seek by other means.

Which County Councillor do you mean? The Labour or Independent?