Friday, 20 June 2008

BFP letters today

I see that once again both pages 14 and 15 are being used for readers' letters. You can read them yourself by scrolling the right hand column of this page.

There is much Borough Council bashing, which could perhaps be taken more seriously if it were not so often from the same contributors. I'm not sure how or why Simon Harding arrives at "the likes of" the particular councillors he has criticised. Perhaps they were the only ones he could think of at the time. I expect him to have another go at me, (he did so spectacularly in the last Town Council meeting public forum and then walked out) but what has my colleague Cllr Mrs Lynsey Alexander done to deserve his wrath?

Sir Reginald Harland, another more-than-occasional Council critic, surpasses himself with his totally unwarranted slur on a named Borough Council officer. It is hard to believe that someone who has been knighted could behave in such a way. Politicians are fair game, and can always respond in a subsequent edition: staff cannot.


Ruby in Bury said...

Yes, a very unpleasant public denigration of a named person by "Sir" Reg.

I met said council person a couple of years back when I went to ask some questions about the public building. He was helpful, knowledgeable about all aspects of the project - and he communicated well.

Unlike Reg. I struggle to make it to the end of his sentences. And then I wonder: does his pedantic waffle actually mean anything?

This is the first time I've read the BFP letters page in ages, incidentally, but it could have been one from about four years ago. Same people, same issues.

Paul F said...

Welcome back Ruby!

Thank you for removing any doubts I had about whether I should post this reaction.

Mark G. Hardy said...

But can you explain why you were trying to remove the prior appointees for 4 year terms to the various Town Trusts at the same Town Hall meeting? Party political machinations?

Also can you explain your own silence at the revelation that not one of you knew who owned the War Memorial that now needs urgent repair, or knew whether the allotments had public footpaths running through them?

Pathetic is the only word that springs to mind.

Paul F said...

MH - Had you stayed beyond your earlier contribution to the May meeting you would know that various nominations to outside bodies were than being made. There was some doubt cast on our ability to nominate this year to the Feoffees and clarification was therefore sought. At this meeting that was given. (You know all this but I am telling my readers.)

Were we able to make the two nominations we would have done so on the grounds of the best people for the job; and as a previous Guildhall Feoffment Trustee I am confident that I know what is required. It is a pity that you look for party political motive wherever possible.

I make no apology for not knowing the allotments intimately (or indeed the ownership of a war memorial) outside my ward.

Mark G. Hardy said...

Paul, I was present when having been told by the Trust that appointments were for a 4 year term, the discussion was then all about- I paraphrase - "is there no way we can remove the prior appointed Trustees?"

Paul F said...

Interesting use of the word 'paraphrase'. I should have thought the Council was entitled to establish the tenure of its own appointments and review if necessary.

I note you have no comment on the substance of this post, despite witnessing your fellow public questioner's performance.

Mark G. Hardy said...

Thank you for confirming that you believe the Council appointees should be treated differently to all other trustees, and be removed/elected at the mere whim of the prevailing majority.

The rules of the Trust are its own and, thank goodness, have nothing to do with, and cannot be changed by, any temporarily elected politician or Council. My own view is that no elected politician should ever act as Trustee of anything, as there will inevitably be a conflict of interest at some point in time - the case of the clocks springs to mind.

Paul F said...

Perhaps you would like to tell all the borough councillors on this list who give up their time to serve:

This correspondence is now closed.