Thursday, 27 March 2008

Town Council

The first meeting since my election was a 'special meeting' last night. I was very surprised and disappointed to see so many items on the agenda which sought to return powers and responsibilities (and cost) to the Council. In fact these so impressed the East Anglian Daily Times that it said on 21st March:

'As well as abandoning its plans to abolish the council, members are expected to reverse a raft of other decisions designed to scale down its work.These include a ban on staff working on the council's website, the Town Talk newsletter, the Bury Official Guide, the St Edmund's Day awards and the small grant-aid awards. Requests for benches, dog waste bins and bus services will once again be considered if the reversals are approved and ward visits, the filling of staff vacancies and the representation of the council at civic and other functions will also be allowed.'

Having been elected on a keep-it-small platform I spoke out strongly against these items, only agreeing to a return to councillors accepting invitations to civic events (harmless enough) and an end to the council's abolition - something that has been proved difficult if not impossible. Almost all present agreed.

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