Saturday, 29 March 2008

Southgate Street & Bakers Lane update

The new crossing point/buildouts by the old post office, soon to be revealed. This was requested by residents via a petition, and then twice consulted upon before the final plan was agreed.

Thanks to Emma Laurens, and borough engineering and construction staff.

Will it help slow the traffic?

And here is the leak in Baker's Lane which I was alerted to by an anonymous commenter, which cannot be mended until early May as it involves closing the road. Unless it is deemed an "emergency" this means 6 weeks public notice of closure - by law. I suppose turning it off locally would stop the supply to nearby houses, but it does seem a dreadful waste.

What do you think?


Bury Boy said...

Speed indicator half way down southgate street ?
Speed bumps / ramps ?
20mph ?
More zone f parking ?

30mph signs would be a good start, where is my tin of white paint.

Paul F said...

When I jokingly threatened the engineers with a tin of yellow paint they quickly added replacement lines in Woolhall Street - so maybe you're in luck BB.

Speed bumps are not allowed in roads with cellars (I know one who definitely wouldn't approve).

As you know the police will not agree to a 20 mph limit - despite my trying to get one since 2002.

Do you think another 30 mph sign would help? Might it encourage those few who do travel below 30 to go faster?

I hope the many who signed the petition for a build out (I won't reveal whether or not you and FM did) are at least pleased that something has been done, but I share your desire for more action, in the form of a 20 mph limit with enforcement.

Where would the extra parking spaces come from?

Bury Boy said...

You missed comment on my first point a speed indicator, half way down the street.

Yes I did sign, as did FM, I am pleased to see additional comments concerning drainage have also been addressed.

Yes a 30mph sign would help, where do you think the previous one is situated ?

Cellars that is a new one, didnt seem to affect the greene king 6am lorries before the new road. Yes we have a cellar, under the new part of the building the front pre dates cellars.
Speed bumps dont have to be "sleeping policeman" they can be raised areas in the centre of the road, with tyre tracks either side, ( so large vehicles can pass without vibration, I assume to protect cellars). Cars with a narrower wheel base have to slow down.

Do my neighbours the other side of the stream have cellars, ( there are none on the watson site).

Unused evening car parking spaces, are available and we both know the answer.

Any news on the Police Station moving to the West Suffolk village, and some relocation to the Rougham "jail house". If and when that happens maybe they will withdraw their objection.

Paul F said...

Sorry to miss that point BB. I agree with you, but I couldn't even get one for Out Westgate with a new housing development given approval. Doing so in a Conservation Area is even harder.

Cellars is actually an old one, and the reason given to all in the HCZ who have suggested humps.

Are the unused evening car parking spaces I arranged for you (not a party political matter)insufficient? Have you needed to use them, as I haven't seen your car there?

I am unaware of any police plans for moving, and I honestly don't think that would make any difference. Their view (completely wrong IMO) is that 20 mph limits should be 'self-enforcing'- LOL. If there were one they would be able to exceed it anyway in an 'emergency'.