Monday, 4 February 2008

Tortoise wins?

In Autumn 2006 I was calling on residents in the Southgate Street area, asking their views on local issues. The one problem identified by those in Alicia Court was people parking inconsiderately on the bend. Various schemes were suggested, all involving yellow lines; but it was hard to get agreement on what would suit most residents.

The strongesst reaction came from the hairdressing salon's owner, who got up a petition of over 100 signatures, which she then presented to the Council. She was also widely featured in the press. Her view was that yellow lines would put off her customers. Eventually the Engineer (Steve Boor) and I went to see her, and after a long discussion she agreeed that the white lining you can see above would be the lesser of the evils as far as she and her customers were concerned.

Today the line and lettering was painted, sixteeen months or so later than first requested. No doubt it will not be to everyone's liking in Alicia Court - but its something.


Bury Girl said...

Who is the hare???????????????!!!!!

Paul F said...

No comment BG.