Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Too near the corner?

Someone phoned me up yesterday and suggested that this crossing is too near the corner around which the car you can see is travelling. This is not the first time that someone has claimed that vehicles have too little chance to see the lights, and sometimes ignore them unwittingly.

What action, if any, should be taken? (See new poll.)


picklesmum said...

It's not as close as the one on Northgate roundabout near the sandwich shop. You take your life in your hands crossing there!

Paul F said...

That's just what Mrs F said.

I don't want to sound too parochial but that's not in Abbeygate. I've got enough on my plate (or not, at the moment).

I don't suppose David will comment, as he's not speaking to me for some reason.

picklesmum said...

Sorry, it was just a comment. Those of us out in the sticks don't know which councillor does which area in town. Come to that most people IN town don't know either!

Paul F said...

Come to that I have known (past) councillors who have been confused, and others who just barge in!

Bury Girl said...

Steady PF - move it to the very middle of Wesgate street then everyone can use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!