Sunday, 6 January 2008

Sunday lunch a la Atkins - yummy!

For all you would-be dieters out there, who think Atkins is boring, here is Mrs F's Atkins pizza. The topping is easy, but the base is omelette with a touch of buckwheat flour to give it substance.

And by the way, most of that Christmas chocolate you claim to have to use up has a shelf life of several months, so ration it or wait until you are at your target weight. Similarly, did you know you can freeze cheese?


picklesmum said...

No, if there is chocolate in the house it has to be eaten, now, all in one go, otherwise I'd just pick at it for ages and NEVER get back on the diet.

Paul F said...

Mrs F is very strict (incidentally she certainly doesn't pronounce her ings as inks, and is now a bit worried readers might think so) but allows me one or two chocolate pennies per night. Apparently this is not inconsistent with dieting.