Sunday, 13 January 2008

Plough Sunday

Here is the plough that my colleague Cllr Nigel Aitkens arranged to be on hand for a blessing after the 10 a.m. service at the cathedral today. Below you can see the ceremony in action.

I do not know if any of the quasi-religious so called Knights of St Edmund (see previous post) were present in the little crowd that gathered, but I'm sure they would have approved. They might be interested to know that Mrs F has recently had a bad sore throat.

I hope Nigel remembered to raise the plough when he drove off.


picklesmum said...

Hey! How come YOUR face is now over the blogs on the BFP site? No offence but I preferred Running in Suffolks picture!

Paul F said...

Didn't realise PM. They asked me for a picture some months ago.

Should I read anything into the fact that you posted this under my headline "complete rubbish"?!

Paul F said...

Sorry - ignore last sentence.