Friday, 18 January 2008

I'm still here...

Oh dear; what a long time without blogging.

My excuse is pressure of work, and the fact that I don't like posting without a thorough look at other Bury blogs, and some commenting. Today I am doing a little temporary refreshment after a licensee (I wasn't on the premises) rightly told me off for not doing so since Sunday - its my only part day of rest.

I am still waiting for BB/FM to email me so I can clarify a parking issue I have dealt with. I don't want them to get a ticket or they would set Florrie on me.

The most exciting piece of news I have is that I have lost 12 pounds so far this year, due to a combination of "healthy Atkins", more walking and (crucially) 10-15 minutes "stepping" at home each day (except Sunday).

Apologies to those who are bored by this but I will respond to any comments with further info if required. I eat well but differently, and am never any more hungry than before.

Next week is even busier, so I'll try and get some photos and a more interesting subject for Sunday.


Florries Mum said...

Guess what florries mum responded with her e mail on monday.

Paul F said...

I didn't receive anything - must have got lost somewhere along Abbeygate/Southgate wards' border!

Have now got it and will respond with info. Thanks FM.

Anonymous said...

What is "stepping"? That's a lot of weight to lose in such a small amount of time.

Paul F said...

"Stepping" is stepping up and down a step, such as the bottom of the stairs or (much better) a low stool like an Addis kitchen one.

Standing in front of it the sequence is left foot up right up left down right down for 5 minutes, then the same starting on the right step. But start off with one minute each side and gradually work up each day.

This is good aerobic exercise, but (as they say) talk to your GP before embarking on any exercie routine and do not exceed your safe heart rate.

I take no responsibility whatsoever for any injuries or accidents arising from this information!