Thursday, 3 January 2008

Abbeygate planning matters

Earlier this afternoon the Development Control committee (who decide on planning applications) voted for the new nightclub in Woolhall Street, but against the Angel Hill creperie. I believe the latter was the right decision, given the conservation issues, the possible precedent and the effect on traders.

Whether the former will have been as good a decision remains to be seen. I was pleased to have called it in for consideration by the committee rather than just allow the approval by officers: it gave a platform to the residents' spokesman and allowed me to question certain aspects of the report. It also let the committee deliberate the matter, which they did with some thought.

I was however disappointed that my pointing out the same closing time of 2am, and also suggesting a temporary permission to see how things go, were not developed further. Democracy has certainly been the winner but we shall have to hope that the residents of Kings Road are not the losers.


Anonymous said...

You can read more about this in this week's Bury Free Press.

Paul F said...

But not about the creperie, BFP plugger. You can read about my campaign for a 20 mph limit in the Southgate Corridor though.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes you can. See page 13 column 1. A blow for an independent trader. Can't understand why this is 'unfair competition' when there are already 6 restaurants within a few yards and none serving crepes!

Paul F said...

Sorry anon. I was ignoring anything written before the result. I might just has well have said you can read more in the agenda papers.

The BFP did well to hold the front page for the nightclub story, but unlike me they weren't able to give you the result - which incidentally was cross-party, unanimous and very quick.

(Nice point about the competition for crepes, but I never mentioned it.)

I am enjoying wondering who you (both?) are!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the crepe decision. It disgusts me that the licencing department allowed this. Dont our councillors value Angel Hill? Who were they anyway and were they from Haverhill?