Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Out Westgate Havebury houses

I understand that this application which is the subject of former posts has just been lodged. Although there have been revisions following the public consultation session I am still concerned about the difficulty of access onto busy Out Westgate, and the effect on parking. Each house has a parking space, but how many houses will only have one car? On the plus side, this is a mixed development of 1-4 bedroom properties, and helps to reduce the very large waiting list of those who seek accommodation.

Shown above is the main plan: click on it to enlarge. Others will be available at my next surgery, but only from 11am-noon, on Saturday 1st December in the library. Once registered all the plans and other details of the application will be available on the Borough Council's website.


david said...

Paul - I share your concerns about access to Out Westgate. Traffic speeds here must be curbed. I'm less worried about the 1:1 ratio of cars to homes. Why should anyone need two cars?

Overall though, it looks like a good scheme - if not perfect.

Paul F said...

Be realistic David. Add to that the fact that some lock-up garages will be demolished, and that Out Westgate is one of the last of the close-to-town roads with no restrictions - and its a serious concern of residents.

david said...

Paul - there you go again, dismissing a contrary opinion this time with the words 'be realistic'. Parking permits is the best way of reducing demand on spaces as any Brackland resident would tell you.

The alternative is to reduce the number of homes to accomodate the second car. Given the size of the housing list, I prefer putting people before machines.

Paul F said...

David - "realistic" only in your expectation of multiple car ownership, especially from 3/4 bedroomed houses. Any Victoria/Albert area resident would agree, but I'm not sure that the good citizens of Out Westgate will. I don't like your alternative either.

david said...

Paul - I fully expect that some households own more than one car but the effects of a permit parking scheme balances the influx of more residents vehicles in any given area. Existing Out Westgate residents shouldn't expect to park on-street free of charge and my proposal to create a Bury Traffic Zone has always envisaged a boundary line along West Road, Hospital Road, Petticoat Lane and the Linnet towards Southgate Bridge and beyond until it meets the Lark.