Thursday, 22 November 2007

Kings Road enhancement

Earlier today I joined transport officers in meeting members of the public who wanted to find out and put forward their views about the proposed enhancement of Kings Road (east). The plan is to make it permanently one-way, with a cycle contraflow and wider pavements. In addition there would be a raised road section for those crossing to and from what is currently known as Hanchet Square.

Engineer Michael Cooper and I position the display in the Bury Free Press foyer

Among the views expressed when I was present, all by Kings Road residents, were:

1. The wider pavement on the Waitrose side is very much needed.

2. Raised carriageway is unnecessary. One couple worried about effectively stepping straight from their house onto what is effectively the road rather than an enlarged pavement.

3. Is the cycle contraflow necessary, and will it justify the loss of carriageway? Couldn't the pavements be wider without the contrflow? Is it safe?

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Cllr. Paul Hopfensperger said...

No it's not safe, and it's entirely the wrong scheme for Kings Road in the opinions of the 2 county councillors for the road. I have explained why on my blog and have no concerns about steering people away from this one to see why.