Friday, 23 November 2007

Bl**dy councillors!

I have just been telephoned by an irate sounding lady from York Rd (Risbygate ward) who wanted to know whom to speak to to get a residents' parking scheme.

"Well I'm not your councillor, I'm afraid. You really need to speak to one of them. I'd like to help, but I have enough on my plate trying to deal with my own 3,500 residents' concerns."

"Oh have I got to phone a bloody councillor?"

"Well, a councillor, anyway. Do you know who they are?"

"Yes - Chris Turner".

At which point I said goodbye.


Anonymous said...

let's hope she doesn't read this blog!!

david said...

A consultation about permit parking in York Road was placed on the borough council's list in 2004 but as it is only one of many requests throughout the borough and there are only two officers assigned to the task (one of many they have to do) the consultation hasn't yet started. I chase progress every quarter but I can't insist that York Road plus York Close, Queens Road and Queens Close have priority.

When first elected in 2003 I had the Brackland area placed on the consultation list. An experimental scheme was introduced on 01 October 2007 and this has proved popular with local residents. In fact, all the various schemes in Bury are supported by residents in the area covered.

This fact led me to suggest that instead of the slow 'creep' of permit parking schemes in Bury, the borough council should announce just one scheme covering the town centre and inner suburbs. Every street in the zone would be included unless a majority of residents petitioned that their street be excluded. I doubt that anyone would, but the democratic option should be there.

The current cost of a permit is £52 for the first car and £67 for a second car at the same address. The charge is levied annually. Instead, I have advocated that the charge should be spread over 10 instalments and collected at the same time as the Council Tax by Direct Debit.

To cover administrative costs and increase income to offset future Council Tax rises I suggest £9 a month per car. Too low a charge can lead to a black market in permits, too high a charge is seen as unfair.