Thursday, 8 November 2007

ASDA v Roy's

This was the scene before this morning's special planning meeting to determine the fate of the ASDA and Roy's planning applications. (I'm not really supposed to take photos in the chamber, so I took one of the door, but it happened to be open at the time.)

The result was an overwhelming approval of ASDA and rejection of the expansion of the Roy's site. The meeting provoked much interest, including from the press, who can be seen below busy talking to the protagonists after the meeting.


picklesmum said...

ASDA sounds like a vote for common sense. Sometime they DO get it right.

Bury Boy said...

At least its NOT Tesco?

About time the western area had some form of shopping oppitunity. out of pure devilment how many council officials live in this part of town, ( none to few) come to that how many live in the town.?

david said...

BB - I know of several council officers who live on the western side of Bury, including a Corporate Director and a senior planner. However, SEBC covers a large area of west Suffolk which includes about 80 rural parishes and the town of Haverhill, so where people live isn't important. What matters is that they get to work on time and judging from my experience of going into both Western Way and Angel Hill offices very early for meetings, officers certainly do that.

Bury Boy said...

I hate to disagree, BUT the important fact is they carry out the wishes of the local population, as public servants, in a professional manner. Turning up on time is a condition of employment.
Life and conditions are just a little too relaxed and comfy in the council area. With spending cuts required maybe cutting back on "non commercial" perks, charging for car parking and a few more simple performance targets.......reduction in numbers and increased accountability might help.