Friday, 12 October 2007

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david said...

Paul - the obsolescence of Mike Garling's letter has, no doubt, been noted by your legion of followers. In local government terms, the time between suggestion and implimentation is short in this instance.

Why the presumption that a new bar and club is something to fear and oppose rather than welcome and support? I thought Conservatives believed in competition and the free market as a mechanism for raising standards and satisfying demand.

As for residents; there are very few in the immediate locality and those living in the eastern half of Kings Road will have moved into this street knowing that was a nightclub already directly opposite. Beyond Prospect Row, I doubt that late-night noise will increase if this application is successful.

Encouraging the evening economy is a borough council objective and for many people the 'evening' doesn't end with a mug of hot milky Horlicks and then off to bed by 10 o'clock at the latest.

Paul F said...

David - where have I made this presumption? Is this the best example of your interpretation of Conservative economic policy? In any case I support my electors regardless of party politics.

Your weakest argument however is in assuming that the 35 or so households in eastern Kings Road all moved in after Extreme was established. If this were true (which it isn't) how would you know? I note you imply that "late night noise will increase" for some.

I'm all for the evening economy providing Abbeygate electors are not unreasonably disturbed. Your parody of them (perhaps more accurate of me - although you can forget the Horlicks) smacks of the rudeness for which many have not forgiven you at the Queens Head hearing.

I have spoken to one of the directors of Ruin Ltd and have offered to meet him or otherwise co-operate and liaise with residents as his application progresses.

picklesmum said...

Hasn't there been a nightclub there for ages? I remember when I was at middle school a kitchen/bathroom shop changed into Taps and it's been a nightclub ever since. I may be wrong and someone will soon tell me if I am.

david said...

Paul - by the 'eastern half' of Kings Road, I mean from Prospect Row down to St Andrews Street South. All the housing there is new, that is, it wasn't there 10 years ago. You must be including the older houses between Prospect Row and Parkway. As these residents are more than 50 metres from the proposed club and bar, and out-of-range of any possible noise transmission, I don't understand the basis of any objection to 'Ruin'.

The presumption is contained in your video blog when you speak about representing residents of Kings Road who, you tell us, are objecting. These remarks reinforce you comments in the BFP, which you have not denied.

I've not implied an increase or decrease in late-night noise. That would be mere speculation. I leave that sort of thing to you.

I wasn't rude to your electors at the QH hearing. Some of them were barracking from the public seating area and I merely contrasted their behaviour to that of the alleged rowdiness they were complaining about. They didn't like it - and still don't, you say - because it's true.

I don't know if you drink Horlicks but as you don't live in the town centre, it isn't relevant. You have no personal experience of the situation but persist in lecturing those of us who do of the perceived menace as told to you by others.

If I had difficulty sleeping I would buy a bottle of Night Nurse. A couple of spoonfuls of this medicine and McNamara's Band could be playing below the bedroom window without waking me.

Anonymous said...

I`ve just discovered that I can watch you speaking AT THE SAME TIME as listening to you playing the piano! Isn`t new technology WONDERFUL!!!!

Who need Horlicks when you can be seranaded to sleep with sweet music?!