Saturday, 13 October 2007

Our "Sunday" walk

Tomorrow is the Civic Harvest celebration (of which a post is likely) so we took our cycle/walk today instead. Its very hard though, to get away from the cranes. This picture does not do justice to the distant edifice.

Typically at this time of year gulls surround the fields:

I hesitate to reintroduce the apostrophe debate, but this just doesn't look right to me. Presumably Mr Wall started Wall's ice cream, but I'm sure in my youth it was always known as Walls.


david said...

Paul - you say that you don't want to reopen the apostrophe debate but I think secretly you do.

The answer is both. The company is called Walls but the product is Wall's Ice Cream.

Thomas Wall was a meat and pie maker whose business suffered in May, June, July and August each year because of an ancient superstition that pork shouldn't be eaten in any month which doesn't contain the letter 'R'.

Ice Cream seemed a logical replacement product given that demand is higher in those months.

Given the current climate, I should imagine September and October could be added to the list.

Paul F said...

David - I said I "hesitate", not do not wish.

The sign outside the park has the dreaded apostrophe (Wall's), although my picture does not make this clear.

You volume and rate of comment is exhausting me. I hope its not exhausting my readers.

picklesmum said...

It's ok, we bring popcorn and a comfy chair and just sit back and watch the entertainment!

21st Century Mummy said...

The question is, will there be an interval like in the old days at the cinema where they used to sell ice cream from those over-sized trays?

Paul F said...

Yes 21CM. Guess who's bringing the tray round....???

david said...

21CM - will there be Cornetto's from Wall's ice cream on the tray?

Paul - you hinted at a post of tomorrow's Harvest Festival. If so, I hope you will include a photo of the woman I love to hate - well, one of them at least. I think you know who I mean.

Sorry about the pace of comments today but I have had to walk to Waitrose and back, watch England win at football, feed Victoria - we had a cheeky little curry - and soon it will be the rugby World Cup semi-final between England and France.