Monday, 22 October 2007

New affordable housing in Abbeygate ward?

There are plans to redevelop this block of eight Havebury flats on the “evens” (north) side of Out Westgate. The proposal is that these would be demolished and replaced, with additional units built on the allotment site behind the existing block. In all there would be 30 flats and houses, thus increasing the provision of affordable housing in this area.

I have met with the builder, architect, planning consultant and Havebury, and asked for local people to be consulted about these plans. An exhibition will be held one afternoon/evening (probably at Westgate Primary School), and nearby residents will be told about this within the next couple of weeks if not days. Cllr Richard Rout and I hope to be present, not only to find out more ourselves, but also so that we can listen to people's views.

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david said...

Paul - I have a similar, if smaller, situation in Blomfield Street. The issue for me - as I'm sure it is for you - is how to protect my electors interests while supporting housing improvements within my ward.

I, too, have had numerous email exchanges with Havebury and meetings involving my electors. They expect me to represent their interests as your electors want you to do the best for them.

I am, of course, familiar with the interior of the homes shown in your photo and agree that modernisation is desirable.