Tuesday, 30 October 2007

More residents' parking in Chalk/Kings Roads

On my way back from KEGS it was very good to see the new residents' parking bays in Chalk and Kings roads, which I have encouraged as an extension to the Victoria Road scheme that I campaigned for. (Nothing to do with the County Council, by the way!).


david said...

Wrong. Suffolk County Council approved the framework under which SEBC introduced the first permit parking scheme in Bury St Edmunds. It was in the Abbeygate ward and the campaign was led by the local councillor Mike Ames.

The photo of Kings Road shows cars parked in the Risbygate ward. Are you claiming the credit for that as well? Where will it all end?

Paul F said...

David - you have rather misinterpreted my meaning of SCC, but never mind. I didn't realise you had been instrumental in pushing for the Kings Rd bays.

Ghoula the Witches Cat said...

I logged on hoping to hear a Halloween jingle from you on the piano. No such luck then :(((

Southgate Resident said...

Morning Paul
need some assistance as to whom I need to send a complaint.
This morning at 7.31am two police vehicles decided it was required to activate their sirens while travelling at speed down the top half of southgate street.
7.30 am is a quiet time in the street, which at times has the noise transferance equal to the Royal Albert Hall. ( ie it increases and travels).
A quick check out side the front door confirmed there were no vehicles joining southgate street at Baker Lane. This only confirms that yet again our local Police are less than understanding to local residents. It is not unknown for 3 or 4 vehicles to deem it necessary to turn the sirens on,each day. How ever there does seem to be a shift that refrains from the practice. I would there fore deem this a management issue.

On a wider issue as this seems a continual occurance on the part of the services it may indicate why we are unable to change the speed restriction, or even enforce those which should be in place. It may indicate why SID paid a token visit last month.
I am sitting opposite the front door typing and have now lost count of the vehicles traveling over 40mph down the street.

SPEED is a problem in Southgate Street. IT NEEDS addressing, before someone, some child on the way to school, or some poor innocent cyclist or some animal is KILLED.

Paul F said...

Ghoula - sorry to have disappointed you, although I'm not sure what I would have played!

SR - I shall forward your comments to Chief Insp Mike Bacon, and invite him to reply to this site.

CW said...

The resident's parking scheme on Kings Road and Chalk Road looks fantastic! I hope something can be done for the resident's of Kings Road (east of Park way). I will e-mail you with my suggesion today! I look forward to hearing from you.

Paul F said...

CW - this only applies to the cemetery end of Kings Road. Those towards Parkway (and yourselves in the eastern section) are not catered for unfortunately. There simply isn't room; but all ideas are gratefully received! Yours is a novel one, and I shall be in touch about it.