Saturday, 20 October 2007

Disturbance? What disturbance?

Last night I went "on the town" in Abbeygate, until soon after midnight, with fellow councillor Richard Rout, Sgt Steve Henthorn and PC Mark Ellis. I wanted to see for myself the sort of problems that I hear about from residents of the historic core. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the low level of disturbance and good nature of the revellers.

Of course it may just have been a quiet night (as middle of the month weekends often are, with pay-day still in the distance) and the burly policemen who kindly accompanied us certainly had a calming effect wherever we went! Also we stopped well before the 2-3am club chuck out (and Extreme is closed at present) so we may have got a false impression of what Friday nights are like.

I'm still very pleased to have done this. It gives me a better context in which to receive residents' future complaints: for them it only takes a few incidents to make their lives misery.

A stream of cars use St Andrews St South and are warned

Aftermath of a fight we missed

Two young men are ticked off for interfering with a skip in Churchgate Street

Showing some thirty-somethings the way to the nearest pub

PC Mark Ellis makes the tea in a half-time break!

And here he is pleased with his discovery of a party in Parkyn's car park

What a waste!

Churchgate Street looking peaceful at midnight

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david said...

Paul - my only comment about your Churchgate Street photo is that the street lighting isn't quite as good as in Cannon Street. Since Suffolk County Council upgraded the lamps in the Brackland there has, I believe, been a reduction in antisocial behaviour. I think there is link, as anyone out after dark is definitely 'on show' as they would be during the day.