Friday, 19 October 2007



picklesmum said...

Thanks Mr F, this is saving me 58p a week. Keep it up!

Amanda said...

I have just read the BFP and spotted the piece from the landlord of The Rising Sun. The bit where he says he has "done nothing wrong" made me feel quite angry. It is funny how only placing one side of a story can alter the reality quite greatly!
It is a shame that we could not have placed a section on what has actually occured next to his story. The saying don't always believe what you read in the papers stands true of even local papers!

david said...

PM - if enough people follow your example and stop buying the BFP, there very soon will be no newspaper left to buy. It will have gone out of business. It's also very trusting of you to rely on a politician's summary of the news rather than see for yourself.

Amanda - I doubt that Bob Hitchings is doing anything different now than before, hence his anger. My understanding is that a new resident has moved into Nelson Road and has complained about the noise from the Rising Sun on their two live music nights which stop at 23.30.

Nelson Road is in the Abbeygate ward and the Rising Sun is in the Risbygate ward, which I represent. No resident on the Risbygate ward side of the street has ever complained to me about noise from the pub and I have been the local Member of SEBC since May 2003.

I hope that this dispute can be resolved without anyone losing their livelihood or the pub's customers being denied the chance of a good old sing-song twice a week.

Amanda said...

David in response to your comment

(i) We are only counted as new residents if you include 2 years of occupation.

(ii) I realise music has been played in the Rising Sun has been for many years, but the noise) level has become extreme in the last year - causing us to complain

(iii) Sound radiates out from a source i.e from the front of the Rising Sun. There is a resident known to us whom lives on Risbygate Street in close proximity but who is unable to officially complain due to personal circumstances. Other premises are mainly commercial there.

(iv) One of the longstanding residents has conplained about the noise many years ago and the landlord took no action. Another resident obtained sound measuring equipment a few years ago to try and make a case

(v) The noise is three times a week not two. We have always wanted an amicable solution, but after I visited the pub and requested the noise was reduced, the residents assoctaion wrote two letters and then the Environmental Health wrote a warning letter no request for dialogue was ever received. The pub management have ignored all our reasonable requests. We have no wish no stop a "good old sing along", but do have an issue when we have to listen to it while we are trying to sleep.

The attitutude of Bob is my way or no way, there doesn't appear to be any scope for compromise.


david said...

Amanda - thank you. If any of the residents want to complain in confidence for whatever reason, they can certainly do so to their local councillor. We are bound by the Data Protection Act not to reveal private discussions with our electors.

This not only applies to me but to Paul Farmer, Richard Rout and Chris Turner. So whichever side of Risbygate Street the people you speak of live, they can air their concerns to a borough councillor.

I went to see Bob at his request and he told me exactly the same things he said to Jo Thewlis. I did ask him about noise levels and he claimed that they hadn't been altered over the years. You have a different view but I can't possibly know who's right.

Bob also told me that he personally checks noise levels on your side of the street hourly but if SEBC has evidence to the contrary, it will be presented at the Hearing.

Personally, I don't like any music in pubs as I always want to talk to whoever I'm with. Other people hold different views and the Rising Sun caters for their tastes. If the noise levels are reasonable and stop at the time specified on their consent, I wouldn't have a problem, even if I moved from Cannon Street to Risbygate Street.

Anonymous said...

Why do you read parts of the newspaper to us? Do you think the people in Bury St Edmunds can`t read?

Paul F said...

Anon - play it again to tell what part/s I "read". Then answer the following:

Why do you ask a question based on an incorrect fact?

Why do you follow my blog if you don't like it?

Why do you hide behind the cloak of anonymity?

picklesmum said...

David - I WAS JOKING!!!

Amanda said...

David - thank you for your comments and we agree with you that if the noise level was reasonable - we wouldn't have a problem.
When my husband went to see the manager (Bob is not on the premises) it was not possible to hold a conversation and so they had to go outside down the street to talk and he agreed that it was loud - if only we could have recorded that conversation! Oh well. Following that conversation the windows were indeed closed but I guess due to the age of the building noise still leaks from it and that did not make any improved difference to the volume levels. It was not built with the intention of being a live music venue those few hundred years ago. Plus I doubt Bob's great grandfather had karaoke and a compare with an amplifier and loud microphone set up so that local residents could join in with the words from their front rooms twice a week.
I wish that Bob had listened not only to us and the environmental health but also Green King whom he is also ignoring! I guess he must just be a very stubborn character. Oh well we will just have to await the outcome of the hearing but I do hope that there will be some form of compromise reached.

david said...

PM - sorry, I didn't realise that you were being ironic.