Sunday, 16 September 2007

Honorary Freeman Sir Eldon Griffiths

Cllr John Griffiths, leader of the council, with his father Sir Eldon Griffiths

Yesterday saw one of the more unusual yet colourful civic occasions that we do so well in St Edmundsbury, the granting of the Freedom of the Borough to our former MP. Since 1885 there have been only 31 creations, which shows what a rare honour it is. Here are some pictures of the presentation and the magnificent dinner at the Athenaeum.

John Griffiths presents Cllr David Nettleton to his father, the new Freeman of the Borough.
Below, Mrs F emerges into the sunshine

PC Enise and PSCO Helen
Below the Deputy Mayor shares a finer point of religion with The Dean at the reception

Centre: Cllr Richard Rout

Rt Hon Sir Michael Lord, Deputy Speaker, and Baroness Knight OBE, whose speech later enthralled us all.

John speaks about his father

Mrs F at our table, with former Mayor John Wayman and Mrs Wayman.


david said...

Paul - John seemed unaware that I knew his father already. We often chat in Garland Street as we both walk the same route from our respective homes in the Brackland to the shopping area.

picklesmum said...

Eldon Griffiths looks exactly as I remember him, when he used to visit my primary school 25+ years ago! Glad there was another excuse for the 'important people' of Bury to wear ridiculous clothes and parade themselves up Abbeygate Street!

Paul F said...

David - who don't you know?

PM - David and I were just wearing our normal clothes, although I did notice David's new tie. We're not important, just elected.

david said...

Paul - Kate Moss (sadly).

The tie isn't new - Victoria found it in a draw and suggested (insisted) that I wear it more often.