Saturday, 25 August 2007

The story of Southgate Street

Here is an extract from the first documentation I can find in my struggle to help Southgate Street residents in their fight for speed restrictions and traffic calming measures. It was written five years ago, and nearly a year before I became a councillor. It was followed by many other letters, and more focused efforts after I was elected, including the presentation of a residents petition to a Cabinet meeting, speed checks and so on.
The culmination was a meeting in July 2005, after three years of pestering and waiting for a 20 mph limit extension, between St Edmundsbury Officers and the police. Here is what the outcome was. :
(Apologies for the poor quality and small print of page 1. I am happy to send individuals full copies by email.)
Since then I have tried to get an electronic sign (not appropriate in a conservation area), speed humps (not in roads with cellars) and more recently there has been some reason for encouragement with a bollard calming scheme at the bottom of the road. See my earlier posts for details.

In the meantime Southgate Street residents and I have got no further - not even SID has arrived yet - and those who comment on this blog and on my website are understandably frustrated.


picklesmum said...

I'm sure to be told off (again)by someone but isn't this supposed to be the personal and lighter of your two blogs? This story is suspiciously like a political posting.

florries mum said...

Paul, I appreciate you are doing a lot of work on this problem, but to see that you started at least five years ago and are not a lot further forward is slightly disturbing. Do the wheels of local government really grind this slowly? How do you cope with the frustration? This morning as I left for work at 8am three police vehicles came screaming down the street with sirens blaring. I know they have a job to do, but this is just an example of the speeds other drivers travel at without the exscuse the police have. I know I have said this before, but does it take a fatality to get something done? As you have been counting empty shop units this week, I am now counting dogs, cats, young children, senior citizens, that I know of in the one-way part of this street. All are hazards to unwary drivers. Sometimes it is difficult even to park without impatient people behind you trying to get in your boot-and no comments on female drivers please!

Paul said...

FM - yes, yes and yes! I sometimes wonder if even a fatality (god forbid) would make any difference. I shall keep trying though.

PM - you are absolutely right. It took a lot of effort for a not very technical person like me to scan and upload those letters. I was very pleased with myself until I relaised I'd done it on the wrong blog! I tried changing it over but couldn't face it, thinking "well no one will read it anyway". Maybe I'll make a supreme effort tomorrow and swop it over - or maybe I'll not bother!

Can you find it in your heart to forgive me? (grovel grovel)

picklesmum said...

I will forgive you as long as your next post is FUN and LIGHTHEARTED.

Paul said...

Thank you PM.