Friday, 24 August 2007

I don't believe it!

Thus starts the letter from Pip Elton in today's Bury Free Press. I would reproduce all of it, but technical difficulties (i.e. mine) mean it would take too long. It is certainly worth the 55p. (PS Here is the full text from the BFP website.)
Here is my initial response:

1. I fully understand that any picture of me may not find favour, but why pick on me just because of a couple of photos last week? Readers should be grateful that the third story (smoking ban) didn't also include a pose of me looking disapprovingly at smokers on the pavement of an Abbeygate public house.
2. Whilst this issue will be of concern to all cabinet members and indeed all councillors, it does not fall within my portfolio. Again, why pick on me?
3. The writer goes on to suggest that the incident demonstrates the mushrooming of local authorities' responsibilities in a negative direction, as if we should not deal with abandoned vehicles. Yet surely she would be the first to complain if a car was abandoned in Felsham Road.
4. She says that this is an example of why taxes increase. Has she forgotten that the largest group of taxpayers only pay £2.49 per week for all St Edmundsbury's services - a less than inflation rise of 7p per week this year?
5. "The victims have been named and photographed" and so should the perpetrator. What nonsense - the victims have surely willingly posed.


headless said...

Paul, I don't see that you can be blamed for being the most photogenic Cllr at the moment, so therefore the most featured on the pages of the BFP.

I don't think that the letter does your profile any harm. If anything, I think the comments about you are rather amusing (although probably not intended to be!).

I expect that most readers will be able to distinguish the line between the comment about you and then the comment about the incident to which she refers. I don't read into it that the two are connected.

david said...

I notice that they don't show pictures of me, even when I grapple with a multi-national giant on behalf of my electors. Am I that scarey that my face must be turned to the wall?

However, Cllr Farmer, point 4 of your response is inaccurate and misleading, so you forfeit any sympathy you may have otherwise merited. You can't build a policy on sophistry.

Anonymous said...

When I read this I did think it was very unfair, but I suppose some people cannot differentiate between the responsibilities of different members of local government, I think it's a hazard of the job. Personally, I think people who aim to serve the community should be seen to be involved with what is going on.
At least we can be assured that they have their finger on the pulse of local issues. Keep up the good work!!!!

Paul said...

Headless - you're too kind!

David - one man's sophism is another man's truism.

Anon - definitely too kind!!

florries mum (FM) said...

If its a competition between you and Hoffy in speedos I know which one would win-but I did like David hugging the tree. And as Hoffy has said he doesn't read your blog much I am safe in saying this-presumably

Paul said...

Good thing Mrs F doesn't read this blog!