Friday, 10 August 2007

Out on the Town - not

I have never been one for late nights (well, not in the last 40 years!) and we normally retire early. I rise early too, but Mrs F manages to extinguish the candle at both ends, so I have to creep around for an hour or two - except when she's working.

We don't go out a huge amount either, so you can imagine my reaction when fellow Abbeygate councillor Richard Rout suggested he and I walk around the ward tonight. Mrs F's reaction was not exactly as if she had discovered feline droppings, but close, especially as I had given insufficient notice for her to "get used" to such a strange situation.

One famous blogger will not like the next bit: we're doing this to see for ourselves how much of a problem, if any, is the effect of the smoking ban on forcing smokers on to the pavements, where they may be more of a disturbance to residents than if they stayed indoors.

We are not just doing this because a few old f*r*s have complained. Look at the following link to see the problems elsewhere:

I shall report back tomorrow, with pics if possible.


21st Century Mummy said...

Surely it's just a cover for a chance to go out for a few bevvies and an opportunity to hang around the taxi rank dialling that number :-D

Paul said...

How did you guess?!