Sunday, 22 July 2007

Sunday surprises

Late news: look what went over our roof in the evening...

If I hadn't looked at Picklesmum's comment on Ruby's blog this morning I wouldn't have bothered looking for these plastic bottle trees at Southgate Green. Believe it or not they're less obvious from the Rougham Road side, and concealed partially by the trees I might well have missed them. I assume they are Bury in Bloom's "green" statement at the southern entrance to the town. Does anyone know more?

The progress with the building around the boreholes in Fox & Pin Lane is not so pretty, although the brown plastic walls of this first hut may partly blend with the surroundings. We shall cycle past quickly in future.

The lane was covered in tiny snails today, well into 3 figures. Does anyone know why? (The two below are NOT called Paul & Angela!)

And then we get to what its all about - the view from beyond High Green. The biggest Cattle Market crane could just be seen on the horizon, but hasn't appeared in this photo.


Paul said...

I'm trying to find out if the plastic bottle trees are definitely Bury in Bloom's - but as its Anglia in Bloom judging day everyone is busy!

21st Century Mummy said...

Even if the bottle trees are for Bury in Bloom, it would be a fantastic opportunity to extend this kind of art around Bury for a recycling promotion initiative. Could get the schools involved ~ I am sure they would love it!

As for the snails, I think they don't like getting too wet, so after the rain they go out for a stroll to dry off!

BTW - I love this recent article from the BBC's website:

Paul said...

My contact in Parks has emailed to say:

"Hi Paul
Yes it was part of the in bloom initiative, a piece of art organised through the county arts people on theme of using recycled materials, sure to invite some interesting comments."

Paul said...

Much more info about the trees on