Saturday, 21 July 2007

Saturday snippets

Mrs F is very pleased with her first peach of the year, which she greatly enjoyed at lunchtime. It came from a small tree on the wall next to the back door and last year produced about 30 specimens.

She's quite pleased with this gluten-free loaf she'd just made in her bread machine. When it starts thumping rhythmically at the start of the process it reminds me of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring.
This morning we walked into town early enough for it not to be too crowded. On the way back two Conservative members stopped us to ask what we thought of "Cameron's Conservatives". I said I'm too busy with what's happening in Abbeygate ward with Farmer's electors to worry about the national scene. Mrs F suddenly found a spot on the pavement took her fancy. Elsewhere on this site (or my web maybe) David Nettleton thinks they're done for, but that's just the Brown factor.
I had great difficulty getting up Abbeygate Street to meet Mrs F at the bank, having split up so I could sample the excellent loos at Angel Hill (see how organised I am?). First some residents of Kings Road near the cemetery wanted to know where the traffic wardens had gone, so I had to explain they had been succeeded by our PCSOs. Then they complained about the recent filling of gaps in the pavement with tarmac.
"It looks like someone just shoved a spade in a wheelbarrow and chucked it on the ground!" Then I remembered what she meant. When delivering letters there recently on the border with Risbygate ward I did notice some rather - shall we say spontaneous looking infilling. It did look as if someone had some leftover asphalt and this seemed to kill two birds with one stone.
"My neighbour has a different councillor, that David chap - what's his name?"
"Nettleton" I said, after a polite pause.
"Yes, that's right. He's going to come up and have a look".
That's another picture opportunity then: Councillor slams shoddy repairs with DN crouched on the pavement looking angry. But someone meant well - what can you do?
Then I bumped into the Warbys carrying their shopping.
"She's waiting for you, you know".
Thank you Frank. At the bank I had a chat with one of our very nice senior planning officers who deals with the town centre. I had to be careful not to talk shop. It's hard, though.


david said...

Paul - I'm never angry; it's the way my face hangs.

Anonymous said...

Typical shoddy council.

david said...

Paul - There is more to it than the 'Brown factor' IMO. At national level, voters look for a sense of direction and purpose.

At local level, it's more a case of voting for someone who is known, irrespective of policies. There is always the dreaded Block Vote, of course, but that was only 260 Tory diehards against me and I didn't bother counting the Labour equivalent, but suspect it was about 180.