Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The Butts

There has been some talk of The Butts on Ruby's blog, so when we walked down there this morning I took these pics. Not terribly exciting, I'm afraid. The "tunnel" above is much darker than it looks.

There are plenty of ducks swimming in the slime:

Here is a poor lame non-duck that I wanted to help, but couldn't work out how. No doubt it's still there if any kind soul knows what to do with it. Is it a young (hence brown not black) moorhen - or something else?


florries mum said...

Florrie had fun one day along the Butts-the water has so much green slime on it that she didn't realise what it was, so when the duck she was following went into the water-Florrie obviously followed. Have you ever seen a dog look surprised? She was even more surprised when she was straight into the shower on reaching home-yuck!
Every time we walk along there Bury Boy says -did you know these are natural flood meadows-I would never buy one of those new houses down here-this land should never have been built on-and that has nothing to do with saving the lesser-spotted newt or whatever it was swampy was protesting about.

david said...

Paul - why didn't you just walk on the water like you normally do?

I reckon that it is a juvenile moorhen. It's definitely not a thrush.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

FM - interesting you should say that. When the planning committee discussed the Almonders Field application I made the same point. As often when I address them my comments were dismissed!

david said...

Paul - planning committee = rough justice. Everyone is treated the same. I know one parish clerk who says that making a complex point is a waste of breath! Keep it simple and it may be understood.

I hope you don't this was a 'spurious' argument