Saturday, 30 June 2007

Moyse's Hall

We have just dropped into Moyse's Hall, Bury's award winning town centre museum. Our destination was the new exhibition of dresses in the Great Hall, but I couldn't resist the collection of clocks (all long case clocks were ticking!), watches and paintings next door. Despite being a wet Saturday morning there was no one else in either space, and I can't help wondering where all the Manor House campaigners were, and those they campaigned for.

'Transformation - the Changing Shape of Women’s Fashion' provides a historic perspective on today’s fashion industry’s obsession with ‘size zero’. The exhibition focuses on how women have changed their shape to suit the fashion of the day and draws on the museum’s extensive costume collections. The display includes Ian Fleming’s (James Bond author) wife’s Christian Dior going away outfit and features women’s clothes right up to today including some best selling items this year.

Assorted lingerie

Women have gone to amazing lengths (and breadths) over the centuries to emphasise and exaggerate the shape of various parts of their bodies. The exhibition follows the twists and turns, the ins and outs through which the female shape has passed during the last 200 years, from the neo-classic look of Jane Austen’s heroines to the latest on the High Street.

Early 20th Century bras

Changing shapes also reflect the changing roles of women in society and the exhibition provides an opportunity to ask whether these shapes are the ones which women actually want to be or whether it is the shape which society or 'fashion' has prescribed for them. Congratulations to the staff who have organised this. It is a stunning collection, beautifully presented in this ideal setting.


david said...

Where can I buy a roll of 'Davina McCall & Friend' wallpaper?

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Nice one David. Have you seen my not-the-BFP letters page?