Saturday, 30 June 2007

The Art Gallery

Yesterday we visited Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery's new exhibition, Suffolk Showcase. In association with Bury St Edmunds Art Society it features works from both new and established local artists. Its invitation even asks visitors to create their own work of art on the back of it.

Here is local artist, Borough and County councillor and former Mayor Stefan Oliver's modest contribution, rushed off in 10 minutes before they set off to visit!

And here is the artist. I seem to have caught him napping: it must be the conversation of our wives or artistic exhaustion.

The Gallery's Director is Alison Plumridge, a formidable advocate for the Gallery and its innovative stance. Its raison d'etre is cutting edge art, and on that basis it receives a grant from the Arts Council providing St Edmundsbury Council supports it - which we do.

And talking of innovative, the TV on the right is showing a hand gradually closing and opening a set of vertical drawers, with the accompanying sound of their closing echoing through the exhibition space and greeting visitors on entry. Is that your idea of art?

Something more conventional - delicate porcelain that looks as if it has been folded like pastry:

The artist Suena Harley looking on.
Satiated with art, Mrs F fetches up at the jewellery counter in the shop!

The exhibition runs until the end of July. Why not visit and come back here and comment?


Ruby in Bury said...

Whooo Hooo! Hello Alison!

21st Century Mummy said...

I was also there admiring Mr Oliver's work, before disappearing off to Jazz in the Angel Vaults iwht 21st C Dad. Didn't see you though Mr F, we must have been passing on different sides of the exhibition. That might be a shot of my black trousers, on the 5th photo down, I was admiring the work of Heidi from Rojo

I also loved the Battersea Power Station painting which is just behind Mrs F.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

I think we must have been there before you 2CM, as we left just before the speeches. Anyway you would have seen me prancing around with my camera. Had you thought of entering your still life?