Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Post it note - or - post post

Several people complained to me in election week about the difficulty in accessing the new "safer" post box on market day. One even blamed the council (what a surprise) for lack of communication.

I can now reveal from a reliable source that Royal Mail did consult with the markets manager, and between them they agreed a place nearby which would have been much more convenient for everyone. Unfortunately this location was not taken advantage of by the installers.

Another site meeting will now take place and we hope for a happy resolution to this embarrassing saga. BUT IT'S NOT THE COUNCIL'S FAULT!

Incidentally, where have my fellow councillors gone? The exchanges seem to have stopped. I wonder if one of them is too busy planning the 3:3:3 formation. As a former "real independent" who has written to the press bemoaning political groupings I trust he will remain the only independent of the three who hasn't been a Labour or Conservative councillor, and certainly not join the Labour, LibDem or joint coalition.

"I can sing a rainbow..."


david said...

Paul - I can smell the fear in the last paragraph. You shouldn't let me see that: I might remember it. Equally, I just might forget.

I commented on your last but one essay only yesterday. I wasn't interested in your Theatre Royal item and judging by the response, neither was anyone else.

My day job is keeping me occupied this week and I'm still knackered after the election campaign. I need a holiday but can't leave Bury for family reasons.

Everything is the council's fault and you shouldn't use upper case as this is known as 'shouting'.

To paraphrase Groucho Marx: I wouldn't want to join any political party who would have someone like me as a member.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

A day's a long time in blogging, David.

Sometimes one has to shout.

Cllr. Paul Hopfensperger said...

Just because people don't comment, doesn't mean that they are not interested. Just take a look at the number of national and internation visitors to Ruby's site to see what I mean. She only has a hard core of contributors, but has had over 40,000 site hits. Some people are afraid to comment, others are happy just to read what is being said. I just can't wait for the response to that from DN who I'm sure will disagree with something I've said, if not all of it!

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Fair comment Paul.

I can't cope with the technology of a site counter (although Ruby kindly explained it all to me) but I don't think it would reach high numbers in my case!

david said...

Paul - the last but one comment was a bit dull except for the 'DN' bit and I couldn't be bothered anyway.

No, I'm eagerly awaiting your views on the Tory/Labour Letter published in today's EADT.

I wouldn't of course expect you to comment on the contents of the letter, but on the way political parties can work together for the good of the community, and all that jazz.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Haven't seen EADT so why don't you publish as a comment. Then I'll comment.

david said...

Paul - I prefer not to quote if you don't mind. I feel sure that letter will receive the attention it deserves when it lands on Ruth Kelly's desk.

My interest was more in the fact that it was signed by the 7 minority Members of the town council of which 5 are Conservatives and 2 Labour, rather than its' contents.

I will, however, cut out the article and letter and put them in your pigeon hole at the Borough Offices.

steve w said...

as you do not seem to take the death of my animals seriously, you have lost yourself a fan here. this may not beof interest to you but im sure it is to some readers and is to me. i'm deeply hurt. i miss hammy, fishy and ratty. all i have left is catty and ger-ger.

Mary said...

David, please stop making snide comments to PSF. He's doing his best.

With regards to Ruby's blog, she may indeed have more visitors to her site, but so does The Daily Mail have more readers than The Guardian...

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Sorry David. I thought you meant the letters page. You were being so "snide" (not my word) that I was confused (easily done). I did see it on the EADT website.

A little bird (not in my garden) tells me you are likely to stand firm in the emerging formation. Good for you.

I seem to remember many happy times working with you from 2003-2005. I shall be taking a trip down memory lane this Wednesday, if I can get away from a meeting that starts at 5.30pm.

Anyway, I am too busy having to reject silly comments like the one from "Steve" that I have unusually allowed above - just to demonstrate the point.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the whole point of this post the problems with the post box, not DN/PSF chat room.

Why has no one commented?

david said...

Anon - the last part of Paul's opening essay consisted of an open invitation to me to comment on a specific local political issue; so I did.

Why don't you comment on the post box?

Mary - the OED defines 'snide' as 'disrespectful or mocking in an indirect way'. I have never been called indirect before.

Paul - you've still not answered my question about the Lab-Con pact on the town council. Are you for it or against it? Is it a frog or is it a toad?

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Good question anon, but why haven't YOU?

Like the use of the semi-colon David.

As you said, it's a frog.

david said...

I don't think there is a semicolon in the word semicolon, but I may be wrong.

Is 'frog' code for 'in favour'? It looks like it, the pact I mean.

I am now closing down for the rest of the evening. Helsinki beckons.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Probably right David; but then there's no hyphen in it either. It's easy to slip up, isn't it?

A frog is a frog. A toad is a toad.

Everyone needs qualiy time, but I am surprised at your choice. Haven't you still got some permutations of committee member distribution to work out for Thursday?

I have had to reject two more silly comments from "Joe" and "Steve". I have known who "they" are for some time and will only allow sensible offerings.

Do you think anyone apart from "them" and you (and maybe PH) reads this blog? I am beginning to think we might as well just email each other.

Anyway, who won?

david said...

Serbia won quite easily in the end. People moan about the political voting but the best song usually wins (except in 1968). None of the losers will be writing to Ruth Kelly.

All that is wrong about Britain can be seen in our attitude to the ESC. It's condesending and partronizing. We displayed the same arrogance towards football until the Hungarians thrashed us 6-3 and 7-1 in 1953/54.

I'm not aware of anything further I need to do in respect of committee places. I just apply for membership of various committees and panels within my allotted numbers and the rules are then changed to deny me those opportunities.

It's a bit sad really but it happened in 2003 and it may again this week. If it makes you all happy why should I mind?

You have still not answered my question about the Lab-Con Pact. I'm beginning to think that you are not going to.

Ruby in Bury said...

Paul, I am surprised no-one has commented on the post box issue. It is clearly the best post box ever.

I love your photo of the lady appearing to furtively post a letter behind a curtain and round a corner.

It makes me want to start writing and posting letters again instead of sending emails, so that I can do that too.

Mary, I prefer to think of my blog more as the Reader's Digest of internet publications, if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you two just e-mail each other? Perhaps you are afraid of intimacy so need to communicate publicly? for thought...By the way, I only read this blog for Steve's comments so if you're not going to publish them anymore you will lose yourself another fan. Perhaps Steve will start his own blog?

Anonymous said...

By the way, David has used the semi-colon correctly and it's actually a toad.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

If we all have to start writing letters, Ruby, I shall still need to type them, as my handwriting's dreadful.

Anon, if you look back I was indeed commending David's use of the semicolon. He rightly corrected my sloppy inclusion of a hyphen in the word, but substituted the word semicolon by mistake.

Simple, isn't it?

david said...

Anon - frog rhymes with blog and toad rhymes with goad.

It is not my policy to be intimate with any Member of the Council.

david said...

I posted my first letter in this new post box yesterday. I noticed an ugly yellow plastic bin next to it and an overflowing orangy-coloured wheelie alongside. Neither should be there.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

I think its the post box that shouldn't be there David.

david said...

Paul - why?

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

At last we're on the subject of the post (ha ha), where the answer to your question lies.

david said...

Paul - I ignored all that swaddling. Just move the temporary stall to another location. Dead simple.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Having agreed on a site to the left hand site of The Woolwich opposite the telephone boxes market council staff were surprised when the post box was then installed in it's current position.

The stall which now finds itself in front of the post box is the watch stall run by Mr Olds which has been trading from that location for over 20 years - Angela and I use it regularly for watch batteries and he is an etremely nice trader (unlike some - no names...)

He is not, understandably, too thrilled to find himself on the end of adverse comments from Royal Mail customers and I sympathise.

I am suprised you are not supporting him.

This bilateral conversation has gone on too long. The editor reserves the right not to publish your comments on this subject if others do not join in.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Just heard Royal Mail have said it's going to be moved.