Friday, 13 April 2007

I'm still here...just

Apologies for the lack of pictures or anything interesting even in words. Technical/legal reasons and lack of time are to blame - apart from me! I hope to add something about my election diary before long.


Anonymous said...

Are you in hiding then?

Anonymous said...

Friday the 13th - unlucky for some. Knocking on doors - stop doing it and you will win.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Certainly not in hiding - far from it. Fortunately had no particular bad luck on Friday, so have decided not to take the above advice.

Steve Williams said...

Well I did have some bad luck on Friday. My Goldfish and my hamster both died. How freaky is that?

Anonymous said...

There appears to be two bloggers called Anonymous but I suppose there is no copyright. It's not quite clear which died first - the goldfish or the hamster. Even less clear is any likely impact on the local election campaign.

I speak as someone who suffered a goldfish loss at the age of 5 - I was 5, not the goldfish. His name was Oswald.

Steve Williams said...

I don't know which died first. I came home and they had both gone to the good lord. I wonder whether I got their food mixed up? Anyway, we had a lovely ceremony with the kids in the garden and I wrote a song,
"Oh hammy hammy fishy fishy can't you see...hammy hammy fishy fishy fishy what you mean to me...Oh hammy hammy fishy fishy...I just can't believe we will not see you til we're in heaven....."
Their names were Hammy and Fishy.

Cllr. Paul Hopfensperger said...

LOL! Steve, I like that. It's the best comment put on this blog so far! Have you copyrighted it?

Anonymous said...

Steve - which was which?

Anonymous said...

You may be fortunate enough to see the ghosts of Hammy and Fishy. I regularly see my cat who died some 10 years ago. I hear him meowing for his food, then when I go to the corner where we used to put his tray, I see a smudge of ginger and a flashing tail. It is some comfort to know he is still with me. Perhaps you will be fortunate enough to experience the same spirtual consolation. Let me know how it goes. My condolences to you and your family; my thoughts go out to you at this difficult time.
Kind regards,
K anon

Steve W said...

Glad you like my song Paul H. Course I've copyrighted it. Wouldn't want Paul F trying to say it was his now would I?!

Spent a long time believing LOL mean't 'Lots of Love' which got me into a bit of trouble with the ladies when I was on the internet dating sites (got me in even more trouble with my wife I hasten to add!) Only recently learnt it means Laugh out loud. Something I do a lot of these days!

Anon, I'm sure you can work it out if you try hard enough 'f' for.... and 'h' for .....

OHHHHHHHHH I feel a song coming on.... must dash

Anonymous said...


I`m new to this site. My name`s Joe. I don`t live in Bury St Edmunds but in a village in between BSE and Sudbury. I`m thinking of moving to one of them because I`m a bit isolated in the countryside. I`ve looked on local blogging pages to see what the life is like in each place and this site is the best so far!!!! It`s very Pythonesque. Remember Monty Python? My favourite was Bicycle Repair Man (I had a bike shop until I retired and I used to wear a Superman outfit - you might remember the article in the paper about it)

I was interested in the bit about animal ghosts. I sometimes feel a cat padding on my bed but there`s no cat there. I live in an old house and they used to brick up cats in the fireplaces in the old days. It doesn`t give me the creeps though - quite nice really.

Perhaps that Steve bloke who writes songs could make one up about animal ghosts.

Oh by the way Cllr Farmer, I`m a Tory so you`d get my vote if I moved to your Ward.

I shall keep reading this blog.