Sunday, 25 March 2007

Moyse's Hall Museum

Here is Moyse's Hall Museum, one of the many buildings the Borough Council is not "selling off", contrary to the scaremongering of Simon Harding in the Bury Free Press this week (page 4 - I see his "protest" consisted of as many as seven people, including himself and his partner).

Inside Moyse's are several former Manor House exhibits, plus others previously not on display (shock, horror - haven't we always displayed everything?) all in a coherent exhibition with the theme of Faces of Time.

These watches are amongst the finest ever made - Antiques Roadshow, eat you heart out!

And here is one of the clocks that has been wound up - contrary to the rumours that none of them has been.
I put the time stamp on for this photo, but hadn't added on the hour of my camera to match the well-set clock.

Downstairs we have retained the Corder exhibits (see my last diary update)


Ruby in Bury said...

I love Moyse's. I haven't been to see the new look yet because I'm scared the clocks will have spoilt it. But next week, I shall take the plunge.

I didn't like the Manor House Museum. They used to try to make it more interesting by hiding mice on the top of the grandfather clocks for the kids to find, but it was still boring.

IMO Moyse's should concentrate on the history of the town of Bury St Edmunds, and of the ordinary people who lived here - not on some old duffer's clocks. I hope the display is small, and hasn't had to be made hooj to appease the usual suspects.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

You'll like it Ruby, unless you miss some of the archeology that's gone to West Stow. "Faces of Time" has the two sensible themes of clocks/paintings from the Bury area and time through the ages.

Although I shall not be posting anything after Monday, please report your findings here.

This afternoon there was a clocks workshop for children which was over-subscribed. No mice needed.

Look at the visitors' book's comments to see those from the usual suspects as well as those who say "excellent"!

david nettleton said...

'I shall not be posting anything after Monday' says PSF. Ruby, you can't imagine how significant this seemingly innocuous remark is in relation to the forthcoming local elections. Another defeat for the grandees. No wonder they want rid of me.

Anonymous said...

I rather like to photo with you looking through the glass. Very artistic. Did you take it?