Friday, 23 March 2007

Diary update 2

Monday 19th March

Spent much of the day reading papers (and preparing) for two significant meetings this week (see below).

Tuesday 20th March

Opened new play area on Abbotsford Park (Moreton Hall new housing) and "tested" it.

Meeting to decide the order of events for Mayor making in May.

Wednesday 21st March

"Open" new cycle stands outside the Nutshell (left), with Cllr Terry Clements. Unfortunately we stayed outside!

Cabinet meeting later. Due to the absence of the Leader and one Deputy leader of the Council it was chaired by the other Deputy Leader, Cllr Sara Mildmay-White. However, when she declared an interest on the important Gypsy/Hardwick Lanes item, I was asked to take the chair.

Despite what the so-called "Knights of St Edmund" say, this is the nearest I shall ever get to being Council Leader:

Thursday 22nd March

Meeting of the "Disposals Committee", set up to decide on the future of William Corder's remains currently in Moyse's Hall museum.

You can

Friday 23rd March

Delighted to see that the removal of a parking space on the Parkway surface car park has been at last completed and properly hatched in yellow - something I have been trying to arrange for ages for those in wheelchairs or buggies. This may seem a small achievement but it all helps to improve people's lives. Do readers who value car park spaces mind the small sacrifice?

But shocked to see the impact of the Taylor Woodrow temporary buildings behind Nelson Road:

Don't forget to put your clocks forward on Sunday...


Steve Williams said...

Your brown leather jacket is rock 'n' roll! Where did you get it?

sara brinkley said...

Is the word "gypsy" politically correct?

Ruby in Bury said...

Nice to see the extra space made for those with wheelchairs and buggies. It's not so long ago I was pushing my two youngest round town in a tandem buggy so I know it makes all the difference.

I'm glad we got to keep Corder's remains. A bit grizzly, but a piece of history which is interesting and needs preserving.

Anonymous said...

Are you standing for Mayor in May?

sara brinkley said...

I forgot to say how much I liked the photo of you in the children`s play area.

Sara Brinkley said...

I see that you have still not said why you changed what I wrote?

I may come to see you at your next surgery.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

My surgery is only for Abbeygte ward residents.

Isn't it time you moved on...?

Sara Brinkley said...

What an extremely rude comment.

I know many people who live in your ward and I am sure they would not be impressed by your style.

If I do appear at your surgery, do I have to provide and identifying document for my address?

I cannot help but notice that very few people look at your blogging page. There seem to be several "anonymous" contributors (or contributor). Why, exactly, do you blogg?

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

I was disappointed you did not attend, Sara. Perhaps some of your friends were among those who did? They did not have to supply anything because I know so many of them, especially my regulars.

Had you appeared I could have checked you against my electoral register - but I wouldnt have needed to, would I? I listen to anyone who turns up, as long as my electors have priority in the queue.

I expect I write my blog for the same reason you read it. Sadly it is currently very boring and without pictures, due to technical/legal reasons until after the May 3rd elections.

Anonymous said...

Yes, more pictures would be nice. I prefer the ones with people in them, gives more of an insight into your life.

Sara Brinkley said...

Make the most of the readers you still have. I do not like your attitude and in future you will have one reader less.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

There are no pictures because during the election period I have to use a computer elsewhere, which I cannot use to post pictures.

My next picture will probably be of the election count on 4th July.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Goodbye Sara - whoever you are.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Sorry - I meant 4th May.