Wednesday, 21 March 2012

New bus service for Southgate Street

I am delighted to say that the new service from Mulleys now reconnects Southgate Street with the town centre via the M11 route.

Travelling into town is very quick with hourly services 57 minutes past the hour arriving at 3 minutes past. The return journey is longer, starting at St Andrews Street South (arc) at 42 minutes past arriving in Southgate Street at 57 minutes past. This route takes you around Out Westgate, Vinery Road, Rembrandt Way, Barons Road, Hardwick Lane, Nowton Road and Hardwick Lane again.
When I used the service yesterday there were only half a dozen or so passengers, all using bus passes. It is hard to believe that the service even pays its way, and we know that was the problem with the previous one.
The lesson from this has to be: USE IT OR LOSE IT!

Update Thursday 22nd. The bus in the picture above was EMPTY at 10.57 today!

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