Friday, 30 December 2011

New year, new planning applications...

Here is the first of two interesting applications in Abbeygate to be decided in the new year. It is part of a proposal to convert the upper floors of 6 Angel Hill into two residential apartments, and is described as "alteration to parking area". This seems odd, since there is currently no vehicular access from Lower Baxter Street let alone a "parking area". In fact the location consists of a pedestrian access in the centre and a shrubbery of mainly Laurel where the parking is planned.
Is this a handy way to keep a couple of future residential occupants' cars off the road or the destruction of a small green lung in the heart of the town alongside a very tricky entrance for a car to negotiate? One of my electors certainly thinks the latter. What do you think?
The second application is for 14 2/3 storey flats on the area known as the former Linnet service station at the bottom of Maynewater Lane, shown below. Some residents of Harrington Close may be concerned at any loss of light or view, but others may be delighted at the prospect of the area's regeneration.
Find out more about both applications by clicking the website address below and inputting each of the the respective planning application references: SE/11/1432 and SE/11/1475. Then click "search" and the same number where it appears on the second page to show all the documents currently available.

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