Friday, 3 June 2011

Bury Free Press re Hunter Club

Page 7 today includes a piece about the "bizarre" condition which differentiates between those engaged in licensable and non-licensable activities at the club: the latter may use the front door but the former only the rear door. This has arisen following the owners' recent application to use the front door for everyone before 10 pm. This application was refused on 14th April, but because there had been some discussion in the hearing about what the tenant of the flat above the club should do, it appears that officers decided to issue a reworded condition with the non -"licensable" exception, rather than stick with the original one or something similar. Hence the new situation.

According to the BFP the owners now seek to challenge "this strange ruling", but the BFP does not make clear what is being requested. If my readers scroll down to the last Hunter Club post, and click on the link at the bottom, they will see the application form and find the proposed change. The new condition requested retains the "bizarre" differentiation between patrons of licensable and non-licensable activities after 8.30 pm, which still means the front door can be used until 1 am on Thursdays to Saturdays. "Strange" or what?

What is needed is a condition which clearly states the restriction on the use of the front door. If there has to be any differentiation between the occupier of the flat and everyone else, then say so; but don't confuse tenants with those drinking soft drinks.

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