Sunday, 29 May 2011

Bury Free Press letters this week

Craig Dearden-Phillips’ gloom about the ‘sea of blue’ at St Edmundsbury council nearly had me crying over my breakfast (Letters, May 27). How many Lib Dem councillors did he expect to see elected when only eight stood in total for forty five vacancies, and only one out of a possible two stood in the previous Lib Dem stronghold of Southgate? Since he represents that ward on the county council would it have hurt to put his own name forward?

Rather than publicly bemoan a net gain of two seats by the Conservatives he might do better to work out with his fellow Lib Dems why they didn’t gain a single seat on the borough council. May 2013 isn’t very far away Craig, and last month in your county council division of Hardwick your party only achieved 5.4% of the vote. That’s not much to write home about even under proportional representation.

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