Sunday, 1 May 2011

Back to reality...

While HRH Prince William and HRH The Duchess of Cambridge evade the press, here in Bury St Edmunds election candidates are gearing up for the last three days of the campaign. Whilst I welcome the variety of candidates standing for Abbeygate borough and town elections (and I hope they'll forgive me for poking fun at their election literature) I believe that my electors are well served by the current regime of Farmer and Rout.

We do not wear our Conservative label prominently, but concentrate on getting things done for all our residents. Only this month we have made a real difference to our area by ensuring the return of the Special Area Policy, achieving the retention of important conditions in the Hunter Club licence, and pressing successfully for an 11pm/midnight closure of Wetherspoon's in the week and at weekends.

We are experienced and effective, so stick with the tried and tested formula in both the borough and town council elections - and, by the way, vote 'no' to AV. You have five votes on Thursday at the United Reformed Church, Whiting Street from 7am - 10 pm. You do not have to take your polling card, and if you forgot to post your postal vote you can take it with you on the day

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