Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Election-watch 2

The Green party's leaflet landed on my desk this morning, from their candidate Pippa Judd. She starts one paragraph: "As your local councillor..." Yes, I know what she means, but it did rather put me off. She wants the government and banks to support small businesses, and does not want "the cuts" to affect road safety, public transport, the young the old and the vulnerable, or libraries.

All very well Pippa, but you're not still fighting the Tower by-election. Those are all county services. Or did you just take recycling too seriously and recycle your Tower literature? What are your views on planning, licensing, waste management, leisure, parks, environmental health, etc? How will you keep in touch with residents? Have you put out any leaflets in between the Tower by-election and the current election? Have you held any surgeries? Have you written to the paper - apart from that one on April 1st in support of my friend nice Mr E-G? What is the Green Party's policy as it applies to the borough council - or is it just a cuddly not-the-nasty-party, unlike those beastly Conservatives, Lib Dems or Socialists. The voters need to know Pippa. So do the honourable thing and comment below.

PS You need to have a proper imprint on your literature. The current one is incorrect.


Anonymous said...

Is this Frank Judd's daughter ?

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

If you mean Lord Judd, the former Labour minister, I have been told so. He certainly has a daughter called Pippa.