Saturday, 19 February 2011

St Andrews Street 'madness'

EADT report now on line if you click here.

My first reaction to the council report recommending lifting access restrictions to At Andrews Street South was anger. My recollection of the workshop I attended was that there were physical changes proposed, better signing of the restrictions and marked crossing points for pedestrians. My table opted against full closure but never meant that to mean the exact opposite. For full details click here.

I have been urging the police to enforce these restrictions, and despite many vehicles getting away with using the road illegally, many do avoid it. To lift restrictions for 18 months, as recommended, would simply mean that if that didn't work we could never pull back even to the current level of disobedience.


Jan C said...

This certainly is madness. Why take away the restriction and make improvements? Just make the improvements and leave the restriction.
I can't say I am surprised at this decision, as pedestrians have very low priority in the town. Does this mean that every restriction and speed limit will be removed as the police are unable to enforce them?

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Very good question Jan. I will ask it at the meeting on Tuesday when this recommendation is put. I can't see it getting through and I will certainly object strongly.

If you go on the St Eds website you can find the names of the people on the Bury Area Working Party and email them your thoughts. So can others reading this blog.