Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Water, water everywhere

This leak in Westgate Street has been wasting water since the middle of July when it was first reported. It was brought to my attention on 13th August by a resident who thought I might have some 'influence' over Anglian Water. Though flattered, I replied that this was unlikely - however I would try. So why was it not repaired after nearly a month, when I took this picture? You may well ask.

The first reason I was given was that people were moving the bollards to park and so the engineers could not get access. Well, my picture shows that this wasn't the case at the time. The person I spoke to seemed to think that until there was some guarantee that the leak would be accessible they couldn't programme a repair - sort of chicken and egg-like. I said I would ask the police to put their bollards there and was told that if I could achieve that (unlike anything in her experience in x years of trying to liaise with the police) I should tell them and they would certainly book a repair.

I phoned the SNT team but they said no more notice would be taken of their bollards than the ordinary ones. They suggested Anglian Water leave the red and white barriers around the leak. That seemed a good idea, and I rang AW to suggest it. That's when they told me that this leak was linked to one at 120 Out Westgate. And so it went on.

Last night I had a call from an appreciative resident who said it was now being attended to, but it 'looks like a long job'. Not another month I hope. Local people are fearful for their cellars.

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