Saturday, 27 March 2010

This is what many people are afraid the Corn Exchange will become: I know from my post bag. Residents fear the increase in late night disturbance; licensees fear the drop in their own trade resulting from the low prices; and people from anywhere who know Bury just think its inappropriate.

But there are those who think differently, who value the low prices (for food as well) and want more choice about where they drink. Admittedly they are a small minority of those who have contacted me, but they do exist.

The question is, how representative of Bury folk are those who have contacted me?

The planning application will be heard on Thursday April 1st (no it's not a joke) at 10 am in West Suffolk House. Even if it is approved, the fate of the Corn Exchange will not necessarily be one that requires the permission, which is only being sought to widen the range of those interested in acquiring the lease.

As ever, watch this space. Incidentally - anyone know where this is? I had an enjoyable weekend there recently, but managed to resist the temptation to set foot in The King & Castle.

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