Friday, 19 February 2010

Corn Exchange to become 'drinking establishment'?

Those who saw today's front page of the BFP will have seen my concern about SEBC's planning application for the Corn Exchange to become a 'drinking establishment'.

What wasn't made so clear was (a) my understanding that it is possible for this to be an up-market family orientated 30+ something age group venue, which could add to Bury's leisure offer (b) this is NOT an application for a nightclub (c) it is possible for licensing conditions to be put in place to mitigate any potential adverse behaviour (d) SEBC has a fiscal duty to make the most of its assets, and this one will be redundant once the Apex is up and running - it will make little or no money upstairs whilst costing much to maintain at the council taxpayer's expense.

Update 20th Feb: happily Saturday's EADT quoted me in full.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Farmer
It is now time for yourself & Mr Rout to act on this matter!
Especially after all the action that you have both placed on town centre drinking & drinking establishments in the recent past.
Should this application go ahead it makes a mockery out of everything you have done!
The town currently has one large drinking site closed due to little trade & various other reasons! You have landlords handing keys back to there respective breweries weekly within St Edmundsbury because of very poor trade currently.
Should The Corn Exchange become a licensed venue it is quite clear to most people the type of operator who will inhabit it(JD W).
This will be the final nail in the coffin for MANY town centre & indeed estate pubs who are operating on a tiny profit level as it is! This type of 'potential' operator offers pints at 99p & dble measures at less than £3, hardly promoting responsible retailing of alcohol in anyone's eyes!
Have you any idea how many people & businesses within the licensed trade that will be put out of work should a massive venue like this become a pub?!
Let's see if it is indeed one rule for the council & one rule for independant local business people within BSE..
I cannot see one positive of this becoming a drinking establishment?!
Why should every other drinking establishment & indeed BSE people suffer because of the council's short sightedness in not thinking about what to do with the Corn Exchange before now.
It's the councils problem to think of something to do with the venue & this should not be to the detriment of the already 'not great' night time economy!
Don't get me started on 'fiscal duty'!!
What about the council's responsibility to support existing business rather than destroy them!

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Thank you anon. You have prompted me to post again on this.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr Farmer would like to have a look at the MD of Wetherspoons comments today on underage drinking?!
Do you really want an operator like this in BSE?!
Or, is it one rule for a council owned building & quite another for anyone else!