Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Welcome to Central Walk


Having not been at the crucial retail interface for a couple of days, I am delighted to see the Christmas lights which are being paid from my SCC locality budget. For the first time this vital link (there's no other word for it) will be lit in a way that draws and welcomes arcytypes (I just made up that one) into the 'old town'. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing them lit.

On a totally different subject, here is a picture of a local ginger cat relaxing on top of a tree. How it got there I don't know, but this morning another cat was half way up it and there was much screeching. Here is a blurry close up with a wide angle shot, both taken from my office at home.

I suppose there is a connection between these two tales (ouch) but its a bit tenuous.

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