Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Town Council Referendum Result

The following is the verbatim summary of the report by the independent pollsters:

"There were 18,143 forms sent out in total. From this 252 forms were returned by the Post Office as undeliverable, making a total valid mail out of 17,891 consultation forms.

There were 4513 consultation forms returned, of which 4310 had valid responses, with 203 invalid responses (either rejected or improperly completed).

The total valid response rate = 4310/17,819 = 24.2%

The result of the Bury St Edmunds Town Council consultation was conclusive and did not require a second round count of redistributed preferences, with ‘Option 1’ receiving 76% of first preferences, ‘Option 2’ being the second most preferred with 16% and ‘Option 3’ third with 8%."

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