Friday, 7 August 2009

This way to Ickworth park?

STOP PRESS: sign now repositioned.
Would you follow the first sign at the same place referred to by the second? Some people clearly don't think this is what is meant, not surprisingly, and try to get there via Corsbie Close/Cathedral Meadows - the no-through road just beyond the bollards. This is naturally a little irritating to residents.
Fortunately arrangements are now in hand to rectify the situation.


Bury Boy said...

As youngsters we used to walk or ride to Ickworth park following the river, via spread eagle, abbotsbury road, westly bottom ( before St james estate was built)westly bottom woods then barrow road and into the park via the back gate. Never did find or see the sluce gates.
My question is why did some one in the highways dept spend the money on a new sign and posts, when the "instruction" could have been added to the larger sign,saving money, this is one sign and posts which could have been stolen with no noticable effect. please telll me the new solution is a cost effective one.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Ah - halcyon days BB. Reminds me of my own youth when we used to follow the river Ching and be out all day in Epping Forest without returning home (where mothers were there for us) until we were hungry. Almost unthinkable today, and I'm not really sure why it was any safer then - if indeed it was.

You are probably better placed to know when that extra sign appeared. It certainly does seem to have been a waste of time and money, so I hope the solution wil be a 'stick-on' version - but I don't yet know.

Rose said...

Ah yes, those were the days. We often cycled or walked to Ickworth by footpaths and road (getting a bus bus back late on sundays).
But where is "St Jame's" estate or do you mean "Jane's".

Bury Boy said...

Rose I never worked out if it was James or Janes, I never asked to be honest, but it was the housing development / estate built between westly road top end as you emerge from the westly estate ( ridley road i think) , and the river. ( abbotsbury road) I dont recall any of the street names, but the whole area was one big field, and dip great for kite flying etc , down to the river and woods. many memories of playing there and watching them build the houses. Come to think of it Janes could be the right one, was it built by a builder called janes or some thing.

Rose said...

Yes it was the builder. And it became Horringer Court.
I always saw it from the Horringer Road and it's grown a lot since those early days.