Thursday, 16 July 2009

Cllr Richard Rout took this photo today, which poses a dilemma. I understand that some traders are unhappy that these premises have goods outside which they feel should be the subject of council permission. I appreciate their point of view, and they are free to complain. At the same time these are hard times for all traders and some would say this fairly new shop is showing initiative. It's a difficult balance between a fair playing field and entrepreneurism.

What do you think?


headless said...

It is a dilemma but if they keep to this amount of street usage it seems perfectly reasonable to me.

I noticed yesterday that the similar type of shop in Abbeygate St had things in front of their shop which I didn't recall seeing before either (but maybe that was just my memory playing tricks on me!).

I don't have a problem with it if:
- they're not posing a risk to the public (by going out too far or displaying stuff which might reasonably be expected to spill over);
- they don't mind some of it being nicked and expecting the rest of us to protect them/their stock.

Having said that, I guess the first issue is probably addressed by getting council permission. Is that a lengthy or costly process? If not, why have they not applied for it?

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Sensible points/questions as always Headless. Depends what you mean by lengthy/costly. Traders probably won't go out of their way to seek permissions in the absence of formal complaints. But I do know that some think this example is a bit seaside-ish for Bury.

Bury Boy said...

Interesting position.
If we adopt shared space we would take away an element of risk.
What a surprise for this store, if any one has seen their other store in newmarket, one would under stand this is a very reserved approach.
Why do the council feel they have the right to become involved, some one needs to explain this aspect first. I dont recall asking them or electing them to become involved in such matters.

lastly it seems a retail outlet has responsibilities for the immediate space outside their premises,( the path way or pavement) water, liability,insurance, parking upkeep etc why should they not display their wares? after all for town residents it seems appropiate for council to charge for parking permiots to park out side one own home, wht should retail outlest who pay rates not also be able to use the space they have "paid" for.

I think within certain limits and within a shared space or car free area this is beneficial for our town, as it is for others in the Uk and europe.

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Don't see how shared space can help here, BB.

Personally I don't have a problem with shops doing this, within reason. Who decides what is reasonable? For example, who do you look to for protection if a cafe takes up an unreasonable space with tables and chairs outside?

Bury Boy said...

I beleive Shared space could help, because at present the display goods could force a person to leave the pavement and venture into the road, Where as if this was shared space, there is only shared pavement, or shared road, every body has a duty of care, rather than a right.

With either schemes ( existing or shared space)the retailer has to use a certain amount of judgement,and common sense and ensure they have liability insurance.

Regarding the cafe example I think a example already exists in town, if I am correct the two commercial organisations sorted it out between them selfs, with a council official acting as a intermediate. Rather than a planning official making a "order", Council officials can be very helpful,but can also over react, and become "retentive". Like your self if common sense prevails why not encourage external display, and certainly within the town centre.