Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Abbeygate Street smash and grab

STOP PRESS - Mrs F just got back from town, where there has been a raid in Thurlow Champness, involving the theft of Rolex watches. Apparently a group of men went in with sledgehammers and/or axes and smashed the windows or glass counters. They then drove off very fast and recklessly down Hatter Street. For more details click on the BFP story below right.


Councillor Paul Farmer said...

PS This was issued at 12.15 and is NOT an April Fool post!

Picklesmum said...

That shop needs better security, it has been targeted so often. I chuckled that they "drove off very fast and recklessly", this seemed to bother you more than the smashing in the shop!

Councillor Paul Farmer said...

Well it did PM. Patrick Chung (proprietor of the Canton restaurant) said "about 70 mph".

What if you and yours had been crossing the road or the car had mounted the pavement?