Saturday, 31 January 2009

That's more like it!

Numbers 1 - 3 Southgate Street (and pedestrians when outside them) should feel a lot better protected from vehicles sliding into that side of the road, thanks to this row of bollards just being installed. Together with the extra bollards in Sparhawk Street and the widening of the kerbs on the two dangerous corners, this demonstrates that constructive pressure and lobbying can pay off.

All we need now is the 20 mph limit!


Anonymous said...

Well done from all of us here. I didn't think you would be successful when I attended your meeting, but this is great. You must persevere with the speed limit!!

Paul F said...

My pleasure. Thanks also to Suffolk County Council for funding these works.

Picklesmum said...

Did I scare you when I said hello to you today? You practically ran off in the opposite direction!!

Bury Boy said...

This is only the first step. the key is to slow down traffic, and deliver a safe enviroment.
20mph must be our next goal, followed by enforcement of that limit.

lets not count the chickens this is a step forward, but it will not stop those who are intent on speeding, all we can hope is those who are not intent will slow down.

Suffoulk CC equals to our rate payers money, thats money from mine and your pocket.Better its spent for our safety than on anothers pay increase, or inflated pension, or salary.

Speeding traffic Kills. even more so within the historic core of Bury St Edmunds.

its been so peaceful with the road closed how about a perment barrier across southgate street just before bakers lane.........

Paul F said...

PM - No recollection of anything but the cold, sorry.

BB - I actually found that sticking to the tighter curve in Honey Hill/Sparhawk did slow me down, so maybe there's hope?